Permanent Guide Base (PGB) Refurbishment

Permanent Guide Base (PGB) Refurbishment

01 March 2015 by Krantech

Krantech where requested to assist Cameron in a new concept design for a Permanent Guide Base (PGB) which would increment at 1 degree intervals via the use of a ROV robot operated vehicle, rather than the expense of decommissioning the unit on the sea bed and utilising a FPSO to lift and turn the PGB. As Krantech ‘can do’ attitude they were commissioned for this project as there was numerous re-designs and teething problems, yet always the final delivery date was paramount.

Talisman Telescopic Guide Funnels 2620.

Talisman Telescopic Guide Funnels 2620.

03 March 2015 by Krantech

One of our main customers contacted Krantech regarding a component that needed to be manufactured in a short period of time. Due to a full work load Krantech had the units fully supplied including material supply, fabrication and machining out in the Czech Republic with one of our approved partners. The full project was managed by Krantech personnel with frequent visits to the Czech Republic at various stages of manufacture.

This included a pre manufacturing meeting where the full order requirements including material certification, fabrication and machining methods and processes were discussed and approved. Krantech personnel also attended pre-arranged inspection points alongside our customers representatives at the following production stages, black fabrication first off, finish machine first off and a full assembly test of each completed unit.

Krantech Inspectors along with a Management representative, our customers SQD Engineers worked on site alongside our Czech partners to ensure that the project was successful and completed on time.

On arrival back at Krantech the units were again inspected test assembled prior to dispatch to our approved Coating Vendor for the coating process. Due to the urgent delivery requirement of our customer the units were fast tracked thru the coating process, this was again project managed by Krantech Personnel and delivered back into Krantech for final full assembly and test. During the manufacturing process our internal

Quality Engineers were working behind the scenes to ensure that the full Documentation package was finished on time to accompany the completed fabrications when delivered into our customer.

CHC Connectors 2545

CHC Connectors 2545

06 March 2015 by Krantech

Krantech won an order to manufacture CHC Connectors. These components having previously been manufactured by a competitor. The connectors are predominately manufactured from 4130 material, round bar and forged rings. This was new territory for Krantech as we did not have approved weld specifications for 4130 material. Krantech sourced the material and conducted welding approval trials in house supervised by our welding engineer. The welding procedures were produced and approved by our customer whilst the pre-machining of all the components was being carried out at the same time. The machining was done in various stages. All the components being pre-machined then welded to the new approved welding specifications. The welds were then fully checked prior to finish machining. The finish machining operations were sub-contracted out to one of our customer approved vendors.

The machining operations were supervised and project managed by Krantech personnel and all stages were checked and verified on site. Full inspection reports were produced by the sub-contractor and cross checked by Krantech Inspectors.

On return to Krantech the CHC Connectors were fully inspected and checked prior to being sent out to the approved coating company. The coatings were checked by Krantech and our Customers inspectors prior to delivery back to Krantech.

After final checks at Krantech the Connectors were delivered into our customer on time with a full document pack.

What our clients say

"Good news - A Happy Client"

I just want to share some good news, I’m with the JSM Project Directors from CVX and Cameron and they were really happy about the positive result. Please tell all your guys on the shop floor that our Client is happy and he is hard to satisfy. They did a good job on this.

Christian Sulzer
Project Quality Engineer , Cameron GmbH

"A Dedicated Team"

OneSubsea have worked with Krantech Holdings from the beginning. During this time they have undertaken a variety of work on time and to budget. One of our recent projects the refurbishment of two PGB’s undertaken was excellent. The Krantech workshop co-ordination and work put behind achieving the successful completion of the PGB’s I don’t think it would have gone so well without the commitment and dedication shown by the Krantech Team. Achieving getting them complete to the required standard by OneSubsea goes to show our working relationship is second to none

Raj Shergill CEng MIMechE
Project Manager , OneSubsea

"High Standards"

It is great to see companies like yours expanding and investing in additional facilities and workforce and I was very interested to hear about your successful apprentice program. A great achievement.

The quality of work so far has been of the highest standard and the new reporting structure we spoke about for each project will only help to maintain your On Time Delivery performance. Your vision, bolstered by your “can do” attitude will, no doubt, secure business for many years to come

James Birdsall
Site Manager , BP